This is a virtual clip book and table of contents for my work for the Spartan Daily.

1. Study abroad at SJSU opens doors to new cultures for students

2. Student Minimum Wage Group Spreads Awareness

3. Elementary Farsi classes begin at SJSU

4. Dosa & Curry Café- From Downtown SJ to a London curry house

5. Prop 30 would mean tuition rollbacks for SJSU

6. Women assaulted on campus near parking garage

7. A.S. General Assembly offers students a chance to speak out

8. Karen Tei Yamashita reads from novel about SF Asian-Americans

9. G.E. wasted my education

10. Valerie Frankel and the Harry Potter Fandom Book

11. AIESEC community gives SJSU students a global perspective

12. International students face budget cut hassles

13. Original Gravity brings the science of beer to San Jose

14. Bringing ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ to life at SJSU

15. California bans ‘reparative therapy’

16. Author Nick Flynn re-enacts his work for SJSU audience

17. Iranian-American poets to take on issues while embracing their heritage

18. Proposition 38 competes against Proposition 30

19. Prop 30 would put money back in students’ pockets

20. Spartan Brew Crew offers guidance to new members

21. Disability Sports Expo brings awareness to wheelchair sports

22. SJSU-grown Measure D passes to raise minimum wage

23. Qayoumi pleased with “temporary fix” by Prop 30

24. CSU postpones vote on new student fees

25. Stephen Elliott shares his skeletons with audiences at SJSU reading

26. Local DJ Amy Robbins has big turntables and even bigger dreams

27. Bay Area novelist to read the untold story of Iranian princesses

28. CSU Chancellor-designee requests 10 percent pay reduction

29. Isabel Allende Day to honor acclaimed writer

30. World Language department struggles under budget cuts

31. Scholarly panel to discuss U.S.-Iranian nuclear relations

32. ‘‘Tremors’ in the Iranian American literary scene

33. Finding a place for poetry

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